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Release Time: 2001 - 04 - 04
Polymer Heat ExchangersPolymer heat exchangers are suitable forheating and cooling a variety of media whe-re metallic plate heat exchangers cannotbe used.The required size can be selected accordingto the desired thermal output and the con-tainer dimensions.The heat exchangers are integrated in thecontainer via either factory-fitted attach-ments, or via a mount on the frame.Alternatively, rods that protrude from theheat exchanger are available for fitting atthe customer’s site.The tube design implicates a large heattransfer area. The transfer area is even largerthan with plate heat exchangers at thesame displaced volume.This means that an adequate thermal out-put can be achieved despite the lower heattransfer properties of polymers.Polymer heat exchangers have PFA tubeswhich are wound onto ...
Release Time: 2001 - 02 - 14
HXO Series Single Tube, FLuoropolymer (PTFE) Immersion HeatersProduct Features and Benefits:SUPERIOR CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Inert tomost aqueous acid, alkaline, anodizing and picklingsolutions up to 212°F (100°C).RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: Heavy wall fluoropoly-mer (PTFE) covered stainless steel element reducespermeation and eliminates the need for gas purgesystems. Guaranteed 100% pinhole free.OUSTANDING PERFORMANCE: Low watt densitydesign (10 watts/square inch, 1.5w/cm2) for long servicelife.CORROSION RESISTANT HEAD: Vapor tight, flameretardant polypropylene terminal enclosure with 3-foot(.9m) flexible PVC liquid tight conduit.SAFETY FEATURES:Grounded internal metal element.Thermal protector built in. Replaceable PT-I fusestandard for solutions up to 190°F (88°C).Non-floating...
Release Time: 1999 - 05 - 12
Polypropylene Cartridge Filter Chambers 2018SpecificationsSeriesP Series MaterialPolypropylene Max. Temperature180 ºFRecommended Filtration Rate8,640 gphQuantity of Filter Tubes in Chamber18 Size of Filter Tubes in ChamberMSC15P20P Max. Pressure at 72ºF140 psiInlet Connection2' Flange Outlet Connection2' Flange Weight290.0 lbsManufacturerPrecise Heater1 Maximum pressure is lower at higher temperatures, consult factory.2 Add Approximately 15% for shipping.
Release Time: 1999 - 04 - 01
Temperature Protectors1, 2, and 3 Series ProtectorsThermal overload protectionThe Protector 1 overtemperature control system utilizes a heat sensitive fuse to detect overheat conditions. The protector, placed inside a thermowell, positioned in contact with the heater sheath, will cut power to the heater in the event of low liquid The Protector 2 and Protector 3 systems provide the same reliable overtemperature protection as Protector 1 However, the control systems feature a heat sensing thermostat. If the liquid level drops and the heater reaches a preset overheat heater can quickly be made operational by pushing the reset button on the control to restore power. Protector 3 is designed for flexible lead or high temperature fluoropolymer (PTFE) heater applications only.
Release Time: 2024 - 04 - 01
Immersion Heat Exchanger Coils for Corrosive/Ultrapure ChemicalsToday, Immersion Coils for heating and cooling are available in a variety of shapes, materials,designs and assemblies from various manufacturers. Polymer (Polyethylene, High Performancefluoropolymer), common and exotic metal alloys, pancake coil shapes, racetrack coils, gridstructures, spaghetti tube U bends, welded and non-welded tube terminations, and tube endsconnected to a manifold are among the many options available. Less than fully informeddecisions lead to suboptimal or wrong choices (for example, based on purchase price only).Such choices end up in faster than expected deteriorating performance or even catastrophicfailure.Among materials, fluoropolymer coils have been around for 40+ years, and have secured aunique pos...
Release Time: 2021 - 05 - 14
ELECTRIC IMMERSION HEATER WITH DIGITAL THERMOSTATDescriptionImmersion heater element kits which include heater enclosure and digital thermostat with temperature probe.    Immersion Heater with Digital Thermostat      Single phase power supply connectionLow heat density, ideal for heating used/waste vegetable oils.Digital temperature controller2' BSP fittingThermocouple integrated into the elementThese heating elements are specifically designed with a low heat density. This means while the output of the heater element is still 800W or 2400W the surface of the element does not get as hot as other elements. This helps prevent degradation of the fluid being heated. Having a low heat density makes these heaters ideal for heating biodiesel and vegetable oil...
Release Time: 2021 - 04 - 02
Horizontal Pumps 10000 - 40000 L/HHorizontal Pumps10000 - 40000 L/HTypical applications• Hazardous and toxic solutions• Acids, alkalines and other corrosive liquids• Plating, pre- and post-treatment solutionsFeatures• Magnetic coupled, sealless providing maximum safety• High power Neodymium rare-earth magnets • Increased efficiency by incorporated vortex chamber• Robust structure providing reliable and secure   performance• Highly durable PP allowing temperatures up to 80˚C• Standard with GF union connetions with a choice of   sockets• Modular design for easy and low cost maintenance• Quality fasteners out of passivated Stainless Steel• European made motor with acid resistant 70 µm 2C PU   coating Options• Hose adapters or flanges• Priming chamb...
Release Time: 2016 - 07 - 13
3 Phase Over the Side Nine Element Fluoropolymer (PTFE) Heaters: WATTSVOLTSHot zonemm/inOverallmm/inModel No.Ship WT.Lbs./Kg3000240480230(9)430(17)9HXP32179HXP3417   28  (13)4500240480380(15)585(23)9HXP4.52239HXP4.5423    33  (15)6000240480535(21)735(29)9HXP62299HXP6429   36 (16.5)9000240480710(28)890(35)9HXP92359HXP9435    40   (18)12000240480965(38)1195(47)9HXP122479HXP12447     49   (22.5)150002404801195(47)1500(59)9HXP152599HXP15459    60   (27.5)180002404801400(55)1725(68)9HXP182689HXP18468    67   (30.5) PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONExcellent chemical resistance to aggressive acids.FEATURESPTFE sleeved 304 ...
Release Time: 2016 - 07 - 13
Three Elements Stainless steel Heater-Plating Immersion HeatersWATTSVOLTSHot zonemm/inOverallmm/inModel No.Ship WT.Lbs./Kg3000240480280(11)430(17)3HSP32173HSP3417   9  (4)4500240480405(16)585(23)3HSP4.52233HSP4.5423  10  (4.5)7500240480535(21)735(29)3HSP7.52293HSP7.5429   12   (5.5)10500240480660(26)865(34)3HSP10.52343HSP10.5434   14   (6.5)PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONDurable, efficient chemical heater.FEATURESHeavy wall metal sheaths available in steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel and titanium.Watt densities up to 40 watts/square inch (6.2 w/cm²).Vapor resistant, flame retardant polypropylene terminal enclosure with 3 ft (.9m) flexible PVC liquid tight conduit.Grounded construction and built in t...
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Teflon Tubular HeaterHeadSealing IP 66 (Nema 4X). Reinforced PP, diameter 85 mm. Threaded lid, sealed with O-rings. Easy opening head to replace conduit or heating element.Heating elementHeat resistant 304 stainless steel element. Element can easily be changed if necessary.Conduit of PVCEarthed to metal parts. Standard length 2 metres. Other lenghts on request.Heat exchange surface watt/cm2 = HESSpecify +V:1 for 1 phase 230 V2 for 3 phase 230 V3 for 3 phase 400 V4 for 1 phase 240 V5 for 3 phase 415 VWattsSurface RatingHot zoneOverallPTE60010+V1000 W2,1 W/cm²460 mm570 mmPTE80018+V1800 W2,3 W/cm²610 mm780 mmPTE10022+V2200 W2,0 W/cm²780 mm980 mmPTE12528+V2800 W2,0 W/cm²900 mm1210 mmPTE15033+V3300 W2,2 W/cm²1150 mm1470 mm
Wear Resistance Platinum Coated Titanium Electrodes PCB Gold Plating AnodesPlating a thin layer of nickel, tin, gold or alloy coating on electronics parts improves the electrical conductivity. For example the Ni/Au plating process is utilized in the PCB industry to improve the electrical performance of contact area with the purpose to obtain a low electrical contact resistance; good wear resistance and protection against oxidation (corrosion). Precise Heater special anodes can supply both Platinised anodes and Iridium Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) coated Titanium anodes. The optimum anode coating depends on the client specific application requirements. Platinised anodes supplied by Precise Heater special anodes are already being widely used in these processes by various major manufacturers. ...
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