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For heating or cooling of most aqueous acid and alkaline solutions.All wetted parts of fluoropolymer (FEP, PFA or PTFE) construction. Heavy duty CPVC mounting bracket.2 to 4 inch thick perforated guard helps protect the coil from damage.Heavy wall tubing improves circulation and minimizes pressure drop.All coils constructed of ½-inch (13mm) tubing Integral Flexible inlet and outlet manifolds for single point connections greatly reduce the potential for leaks and simplify installation.Standard coils are made from FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) and rated up to 30 PSI steam service.PFA (Perfluoroakoxy resin) coils are available for steam service up to 60 PSI. 10 PSI minimum steam pressure required for operation. Consult factory regarding pressure reduced applications.Eliminate...
lnine chemical heat exchangers are ideal for one-pass cooling of chemicals dumping to waste stream. This product is also appropriate for heating applications. The system innovatively eliminates high costs associated with water aspiration. Utilizing PP or PVDF housing and fluoropolymer tubing, It is configured for your application with custom sizes available.Service: In-line chemical heat exchanger with all fluoropolymer wetted surfaces (tubing side) for virtually any wet chemistry application.Standard Sizes: • 60 ft2 (5.5m2) of exchange area• 108 ft2 (10m2) of exchange area• 162 ft2 (15m2) of exchange areaStandard Features:• ½-inch (12mm) heavy wall PFA tubing, .030” (0.76mm) thick• All welded construction (shell)• 7½-inch (191mm) diameter polypropylene shell• Internally baf...
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