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Release Time: 2021 - 05 - 12
Anode Baskets,Bags & HooksPreciseHeater is dedicated to being the premiere supplier of corrosion resistant anode baskets to the Metal Finishing, Plating and Anodizing Industries.Anode baskets are built to the highest standards in the industry and are backed by a five-year warranty on workmanship. If stock is not immediately available, the manufacturer will design, build and ship custom anode baskets in two weeks – wherever you need them.SpecificationsStandard StylesRectangular - 2-1/2' x 6' Round - 2-1/2' Diameter x Length Spiral - 2-1/4' I.D. - 2-5/8' O.D. x Length Standard Stock Length118 '24 '30 '36 '42 '48 'Basket MaterialCarbon Steel - Typically used for spiral baskets 316 Stainless Steel Monel Niobium ...
Release Time: 2021 - 04 - 01
Pulse Reverse power supplies, Cabinet modelsCooling: Water cooledOutput power: max. 64000 WattsEffective - and DC-current: max. 4240 APulse current: max. 9600 AEffective voltage: max. 6 VOutput power:  max. 2 x 16000 Watts (max. 4 x 8000 Watts)Effective - and DC-current:  max. 2 x 1060 A (max. 4 x 424 A)Reverse-current: max. 2 x 2400 A (max. 4 x 960 A)Effective voltage: Standard 2 x 6 V (4 x 6 V), other voltages on request (up to 600V)Typical applications:PCB lines Characteristic valuesSwitch mode technologyDual output, 4-fold output (single output optional) (see below matrix)Linearity inaccuracy Ripple less than Complex waveformsConstant current regulation (voltage regulation on request)SPI interface for control unit pe8005Fast rise and fall times (rectangular wav...
Release Time: 2021 - 03 - 16
PVDF/PFA/PTFE Heat ExchangersTeflon(Fluorpolymer) Heating and cooling coilsExchange areaSq.FtConnectionsInchLengthIn./mmWidthIn./mmThicknessIn./mmModel No.5.53/4 FNPT11.5(292)11.5(292)2(51)XC-12-12113/4 FNPT15.5(394)15.5(394)2(51)XC-16-1616.53/4 FNPT17.5(445)17.5(445)2.36(60)XC-18-18223/4 FNPT19.7(500)15.7(400)2.36(60)XC-20-1627.53/4 FNPT19.7(500)19.7(500)2.36(60)XC-20-20333/4 FNPT23.5(597)23.5(597)2.36(60)XC-24-2438.53/4 FNPT27.5(700)23.5(597)2.36(60)XC-28-24443/4 FNPT27.5(700)27.5(700)2.76(70)XC-28-2849.53/4 FNPT31.5(800)31.5(800)2.76(70)XC-32-32551 FNPT33.9(860)33.9(860)2.76(70)XC-34-3460.51 FNPT35.5(900)31.5(800)2.76(70)XC-36-32661 FNPT35.5(900)33.9(860)2.76(70)XC-36-3471.51 FNPT35.5(900)35.5(900)2.76(70)XC-36-36771 FNPT39.5(1000)33.9(860)3.15(80...
Release Time: 2016 - 07 - 27
Ruthenium Iridium Titanium AnodesBecause of a very flexible production facility, we are able to manufacture anodes of all types: sheet, plate, mesh, wire, rod, tubular or combinations and/or assemblies of these materials. Their size and number vary from several cm2 to 2 m2 and from 1 to 10,000 pieces. The process in which the anodes are used determines size, shape and coating specification of an anode.Important parameters determining the anode design are:◆ The electrochemical cell or installation wherein the anodes are used◆ The process conditions, such as electrolyte composition, temperature, current density, design life, etc.◆ Mechanical load of the anode◆ Capacity of electrical conductivity of the base material.All anodes are produced according to customer specifications. When these spe...
Release Time: 2016 - 07 - 21
Inline Fluoropolymer Chemical Heat Exchangers:Fluoropolymer Inline Heat ExchangersExchange Area(Sq.Ft)LengthIn(mm)DIAIn(mm)PP ShellPVDF Shell6.515.7(400)10(255)XCH6.5-***XPH6.5-***1315.7(400)12(305)XCH13-***XPH13-***2020(500)14(355)XCH20-***XPH20-***3020(500)14(355)XCH30-***XPH30-***4024(600)14(355)XCH40-***XPH40-***5024(600)16(405)XCH50-***XPH50-***6027.5(700)16(405)XCH60-***XPH60-***7027.5(700)16(405)XCH70-***XPH70-***8031.4(800)16(405)XCH80-***XPH80-***9031.4(800)18(460)XCH90-***XPH90-***10031.4(900)18(460)XCH100-***XPH100-***11031.4(900)20(510)XCH110-***XPH110-***12039(1000)20(510)XCH120-***XPH120-***13039(1000)20(510)XCH130-***XPH130-***14043(1100)22(560)XCH140-***XPH140-***15043(1100)22(560)XCH150-***XPH150-***16047(1200)22(560)XCH160-***XPH160-***  lnine chemical heat exch...
Release Time: 2016 - 07 - 21
Metal Heating and Cooling Grid CoilsDesigned for the high demands of corrosive chemical heatingor cooling DOUBLE C STYLE GRID COILS DCGExchange Area Squre Ft12-1/2” WIDTH Tubes Depth(In./mm)     Length(In./mm)    Model number6.582612.5/31814/35526DCG-148.82612.5/31818/45726DCG-18122612.5/31824/60926DCG-2415.62612.5/31830/76226DCG-30192612.5/31836/91426DCG-3625.82612.5/31848/1,21926DCG-48292612.5/31854/1,37126DCG-5434.92612.5/31864/1,62526DCG-6418-1/2” WIDTH Tubes  Depth(In./mm)   Length(In./mm)      Model number133818.5/47018/45738DCG-18183818.5/47024/60924DCG-24233818.5/47030/76224DCG-3027.93818.5/47036/91424DCG-36353818.5/47048/1,21924DCG-4842.93818.5/47054/1,37124DCG-54513818.5/47064/1,62524DCG-6459.53818.5/...
Release Time: 2016 - 07 - 21
SmartOne PTC Max Single Over the Side Heater : SmartOne heaters' elements are PTC positive temperature coefficient semiconductors – making the heaters self-limiting. That is, they reach a set maximum sheath temperature (which is below the ignition point of most combustible materials), meaning they are especially safe for process applications. WATTSVOLTSHot ZoneMM/IN.Overall MM/IN.304SS316SSTitaniumShip Wt.Lbs./(Kg)1000120240180(7)280(11)S1SP1111S1SP1211S1TP1111S1TP12117(3.5)2000240480330(13)430(17)S1SP2117S1SP2217S1TP2117S1TP221710(4.5)3000240480460(18)585(23)S1SP3223S1SP3423S1TP3223S1TP342311(5)4000240480610(24)735(29)S1SP4229S1SP4429S1TP4229S1TP442913(6)5000240480760(30)890(35)S1SP5235S1SP5435S1TP5235S1TP543515(7)6000240480890(35)1040(41)S1SP6241S1SP6441S1TP6241S1TP644...
Release Time: 2016 - 07 - 19
Vertical Spiral Over the side Teflon PTFE HEATERS:Specify thermal overload protection desired. Guards are recommended on over the side heaters and required on L-Shaped heaters. Standard guard is polypropylene. Fluoropolymer (PTFE) guards recommended for chromic acid and solutions exceeding 180º F (82ºC).GUARDS SOLD SEPARATELY WATTSVOLTSHot zonemm/inOverallmm/inMax coldzoneModel No.Ship WT.Lbs./Kg500120-240125(5)280(11)41(1040)HXP.5111HXP.5211   6  (2.5)1000120-240180(7)280(11)41(1040)HXP1111HXP1211   7  (3.5)2000120-240305(12)430(17)41(1040))HXP2117HXP2217HXP2417   8   (4)3000120-600405(16)585(23)41(1040)HXP3223HXP3423   13   (6)4000120-600510(20)735(29)41(1040)HXP42...
Release Time: 2016 - 07 - 13
3’’-5’’-6’’ Flange Heaters -Tubular Flanged Immersion HeatersTubular Heater Industrial Heating Heater: 3' 150 lbs. Stainless Steel Flange (3 Elements) Heater:WATTSVOLTSLengthMM./INModel NumberShip Wt.LBS./(Kg)3000240480230(9)3FLSP32093FLSP3409  14 (6.5)4500240480330(13)3FLSP4.52133FLSP4.5413  15  (7)6000240480485(19)3FLSP62193FLSP6419   16  (7.5)9000240480660(26)3FLSP92263FLSP9446  17  (8)12000240480840(33)3FLSP122333FLSP12433  18  (8.5)150002404801015(41)3FLSP152413FLSP15441 20 (9)180002404801245(49)3FLSP182493FLSP18449  21  (10)   5' 150 lbs. Stainless Steel Flange (6 Elements) Heater: WATTSVOLTSLengthMM./INModel NumberShi...
Products Chemical Vertical Pumps
Chemical Vertical PumpsVertical Pumps2.000 - 10.000 l/hTypical applicationsPlating - Rinsing - FiltrationWaste treatmentFeatures• Immersion length 300mm• Environmentally safe in-tankinstallation• Free turning shaft - no seal• Self priming - can run dry• Full length motor shaft• Outlet sockets available inPP and CPVC OptionsSuction extension pipe Hose connection
Chemical Vertical Pumps Vertical Pumps1000 - 10000 L/HTypical applications• Plating - Rinsing - FiltrationFeatures• Immersion length series D90 270mm / D120 400mm • Environmentally safe in-tank installation• Free turning shaft - no seal• Self priming - can run dry• Full length motor shaft • Outlet sockets available in PP, PVDF and CPVCOptions• Suction extension pipe• Hose connection
Vertical Pumps 40000 - 100000 L/HVertical Pumps40000 - 100000 L/HTypical applications• Plating - Rinsing - Filtration• Waste treatment• ScrubbingFeatures• Available in PP or NPP• Immersion length 400mm • Environmentally safe in-tank installation• Free turning shaft - no seal• Self priming - can run dry• Full length motor shaft • Outlet sockets available in PP, PVDF and CPVCOptions• Suction extension pipe• Out-of-Tank model• Vapour lock• Strainer
Vertical Pump 1000-12000LVertical Pumps2000 - 12000 L/H Typical applications • Plating – Rinsing – Filtration • Waste treatmentFeatures • Immersion length 300mm • Environmentally safe in-tank installation  • Free turning shaft – no seal • Self-priming – can run dry • Full length motor shaft • Suction strainer • Outlet sockets available in PP and CPVCOptions • Suction extension pipe • Hose connection
Vertical Pumps 2000 - 40000 L/HVertical Pumps2000 - 40000 L/HTypical applications• Alkaline cleaners• Electroless nickelFeatures• Sealless• Self priming• Integral drive shaft• Fume protectionOptions• Suction extension pipe• Customised mounting plate• Customised immersion length• Out of tank version (OT)• MPT threaded discharge pipe (X version)
Vertical Pumps 40000 - 180000 L/HVertical Pumps40000 - 180000 L/HTypical applications• Designed and developed for low life cycle cost in corrosive low pressure applications• Scrubbing (fume and air)• Waste water treatment• RinsingFeatures• Low energy consumption due to high hydraulic efficiency and IE3 class Premium Efficiency Motor• Machined high grade Simona® AlphaPlus™ PP• Elastomers EPDM• Sealless pump, can run dry endlessly• Round mounting plate for easy installation• Including discharge pipe with GF union • Impeller locked (no damage with wrong rotation direction)• Oversized motor according to Hendor heavy duty specifications• Stainless steel shaft and fasteners (no metal in contact with liquid) • Motor 4...
Vertical Pumps 12000 - 43000 L/HVertical Pumps12000 - 43000 L/HTypical applications• Plating - Rinsing - Filtration• Waste treatmentFeatures• Immersion length 400mm • Environmentally safe in-tank installation• Free turning shaft - no seal• Self-priming - can run dry• Full length motor shaft • Outlet sockets available in PP, PVDF and CPVCOptions• Suction extension pipe• Hose connection• Out of Tank model
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