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Characteristic: Vertical Spiral Over the side Teflon PTFE HEATERS: WATTSVOLTSHot zonemm/inOverallmm/inMax coldzoneModel No.Ship WT.Lbs./Kg500120-240125(5)280(11)41(1040)HXP.5111HXP.5211   6  (2.5)1000120-240180(7)280(11)41(1040)HXP1111HXP1211   7  (3.5)2000120-240305(12)430(17)41(1040))HXP2117HXP2217HXP2417   8   (4)3000120-600405(16)585(23)41(1040)HXP3223HXP3423   13   (6)4000120-600510(20)735(29)41(1040)HXP4229HXP4429   15   (7)5000120-600635(25)890(35)36(915)HXP5235HXP5435   18   (8)6000120-600735(29)1015(40)30(760)HXP6240HXP6440   21   (10)8000120-600940(37)1195(47)41(1040)2HXP82472HXP8447   25   (12)9000120-6001120(44)1370(54)35(890)2HXP92542HXP9454   28   (13)Excellent chemical resistance to aggressive acids.FEATURES· PTFE sl...
Characteristic: PVDF/PFA/PTFE Heat ExchangersTeflon(Fluorpolymer) Heating and cooling coilsExchange areaSq.FtConnectionsInchLengthIn./mmWidthIn./mmThicknessIn./mmModel No.5.53/4 FNPT11.5(292)11.5(292)2(51)XC-12-12113/4 FNPT15.5(394)15.5(394)2(51)XC-16-1616.53/4 FNPT17.5(445)17.5(445)2.36(60)XC-18-18223/4 FNPT19.7(500)15.7(400)2.36(60)XC-20-1627.53/4 FNPT19.7(500)19.7(500)2.36(60)XC-20-20333/4 FNPT23.5(597)23.5(597)2.36(60)XC-24-2438.53/4 FNPT27.5(700)23.5(597)2.36(60)XC-28-24443/4 FNPT27.5(700)27.5(700)2.76(70)XC-28-2849.53/4 FNPT31.5(800)31.5(800)2.76(70)XC-32-32551 FNPT33.9(860)33.9(860)2.76(70)XC-34-3460.51 FNPT35.5(900)31.5(800)2.76(70)XC-36-32661 FNPT35.5(900)33.9(860)2.76(70)XC-36-3471.51 FNPT35.5(900)35.5(900)2.76(70)XC-36-36771 FNPT39.5(1000)33.9(860)3.15(80)XC-40-3483.51 FNPT39.5(1000)35.5(900)3.15(80)XC-40-36891 FNPT39.5(1000)39.5(1000)3.15(80)XC-40-4094.51 FNPT39.5(1000)39.5(1000)3.15(80)XC-41-41991 FNPT43.3(1100)39.5(1000)3.15(80)XC-43-401041-1/2 FNP...
Characteristic: Highest Temperature Heating Available!Fluoropolymer (PTFE) Inline Chemical Heater:Best-in-class chemical heaterThe Inline Chemical Heater offers unmatched performance and reliability with the ability to heat a variety of chemicals. This heater is suitable for either single pass or recirculating applications. Delivers best-in-class performance over a wide range of flow and temperature requirements. The TIH is the most durable and long-lasting inline chemical heater available! Multiple plumbing layouts facilitate easy installation into a variety of tool configurations. Fluoropolymer (PTFE) surfaces protect from permeation. Heats up to 210°C (410°F)ApplicationsSemiconductor Wet ProcessesSterilization/CleaningSolar/Photovoltaic Wafer CleaningPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONUnmatched in Semiconductor process fluid heating. Single chamber sizes up to 18kW FEATURESRuggedly designed for the most demanding recirculation or single pass chemical applications.Able to achieve the highest tem...

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GUANGZHOU,CHINANov 30- Dec 02, 2016
2016 - 07 - 13
Announce the appointment of Mark Liang as Sales director
Precise Heater, a global supplier of industrial Electric Immersion heaters and Heat exchangers, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Liang as Sales director Mark brings20 years of sales leadership and experience in international business development to this newly created role to helpPrecise Heater maintain its customer-centric focus while extending its reach into new markets. Recognized for his ability to engage with customers and engineers in creating specialized solutions for leading high tech industries domestically and around the world,Mark has successfully led corporate expansion efforts into diverse industries and internationally in areas such asUSA, Southeast Asia, Brazil and Europe. He was responsible for the launch of more than a dozen highly innovative products used in the electroplating, semiconductor, and photovoltaic industries and has received recognition for "extraordinary and visionary" leadership within the industry.
2016 - 07 - 13
Aquaculture Industry
Metal Heaters,PTC Heaters,Metal heat exchangers&Coils are designed for aquaculture supplies & equipment applications only. Our innovative resistance heaters, heat exchangers, temperature and liquid level controls are proof of our commitment to a higher standard of quality and excellence.
2016 - 07 - 13
GUANGZHOU,CHINANov 30- Dec 02, 2016
2016 - 07 - 13
Mr.Calvin has accepted the position of Sales Engineer.
Precise Heater is pleased to announce thatMr.Calvin has accepted the position of Sales Engineer. Mr. Calvin brings with him over15 years' experience in the Sales and Marketing arena including sales and support to the Industrial Metal Finishing, Automotive, Aerospace, andPCB industries. Mr. Calvin joins the sales team and will be responsible for increasingPrecise Heater sales to new and existing customers.His goal is to expand into new markets, generate sales, assist customers in product selection and drive revenue.
2016 - 07 - 13
Precise Heater’s high purity products for wet process manufacturing applications
electric immersion heaters, heat exchangers & coils,high temperature filters,anode baskets,Titanium mesh with MMO Coatings and Plating tanks.Industries served include not only Photovoltaic, but also Semiconductor, Metal Finishing,PCB,FPD, Nanotechnology, MEMS, LCD, Biomedical andPharmaceutical.
2016 - 07 - 13
CHINA ELECTRONICS FAIR  2021 Shenzhen Exhibition Center Booth C66
Shenzhen,ChinaNov 10-12,2016
2016 - 07 - 13
TPCA SHOW 2021 Nangang Exhibition Center booth E49
Taipei,Taiwan,ChinaOct 26-28,2016
2016 - 07 - 13
HANNOVER MESSE 2021 Hall 6, Stand F55
Hannover, GermanyApr 25-29, 2016
2016 - 07 - 13
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