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Release Time: 2021 - 03 - 16
PTFE Coil Heat Exchangers & Immersion Heat Exchangers:Teflon(Fluorpolymer) Heating and cooling coilsExchange areaSq.FtConnectionsInchLengthIn./mmWidthIn./mmThicknessIn./mmModel No.5.53/4 FNPT11.5(292)11.5(292)2(51)XC-12-12113/4 FNPT15.5(394)15.5(394)2(51)XC-16-1616.53/4 FNPT17.5(445)17.5(445)2.36(60)XC-18-18223/4 FNPT19.7(500)15.7(400)2.36(60)XC-20-1627.53/4 FNPT19.7(500)19.7(500)2.36(60)XC-20-20333/4 FNPT23.5(597)23.5(597)2.36(60)XC-24-2438.53/4 FNPT27.5(700)23.5(597)2.36(60)XC-28-24443/4 FNPT27.5(700)27.5(700)2.76(70)XC-28-2849.53/4 FNPT31.5(800)31.5(800)2.76(70)XC-32-32551 FNPT33.9(860)33.9(860)2.76(70)XC-34-3460.51 FNPT35.5(900)31.5(800)2.76(70)XC-36-32661 FNPT35.5(900)33.9(860)2.76(70)XC-36-3471.51 FNPT35.5(900)35.5(900)2.76(70)XC-36-36771 F...
Release Time: 2021 - 03 - 01
PTFE (Fluoropolymer) Immersion CoilsTeflon(Fluorpolymer) Heating and cooling coilsExchange areaSq.FtConnectionsInchLengthIn./mmWidthIn./mmThicknessIn./mmModel No.5.53/4 FNPT11.5(292)11.5(292)2(51)XC-12-12113/4 FNPT15.5(394)15.5(394)2(51)XC-16-1616.53/4 FNPT17.5(445)17.5(445)2.36(60)XC-18-18223/4 FNPT19.7(500)15.7(400)2.36(60)XC-20-1627.53/4 FNPT19.7(500)19.7(500)2.36(60)XC-20-20333/4 FNPT23.5(597)23.5(597)2.36(60)XC-24-2438.53/4 FNPT27.5(700)23.5(597)2.36(60)XC-28-24443/4 FNPT27.5(700)27.5(700)2.76(70)XC-28-2849.53/4 FNPT31.5(800)31.5(800)2.76(70)XC-32-32553/4 FNPT33.9(860)33.9(860)2.76(70)XC-34-3460.51 FNPT35.5(900)31.5(800)2.76(70)XC-36-32661 FNPT35.5(900)33.9(860)2.76(70)XC-36-3471.51 FNPT35.5(900)35.5(900)2.76(70)XC-36-36771&#...
Release Time: 2017 - 04 - 01
Air cooled DC rectifiers- Bench top models CoolingCurrent12 APower200 WVoltage100 VOutput power: max. 200 WattsDC current: max. 12A (at 15V) DC voltage: max. 30V (at 2A ) Typical applications:Laboratory plating lines Reel-to-reel plating Precious metal plating PCB linesManual plating lines Characteristic valuesLinearity inaccuracy Ripple less than Powerfactor cos φ 0,95Constant current and voltage control Soft start functionOver temperature protection Current and voltage presetProgrammable control unitLarge 3-line LCD displayKeypad for operation and programmingIntegrated Ampere-hour counter (totalizer)(preset counter and other functions optional available) Mains supply: standard 230 V +/- 10 % / 50-60 Hz (other voltages on re...
Release Time: 2016 - 07 - 21
Temperature Probes with PT100 sensorPT100 RTD Sensor - Pt100 temperature sensor - RTD - PT100 - Sensor MeasurementPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONProvides automated control and consistent liquid levels for most aqueous processes and waste treatment tanks, or when leak detection is required.FEATURESHelps protect against fires and tank damage associated with low-level conditions.Dual probe units: for single point control. Multi probe units: for two-point control and refill/pump down applications.Fluoropolymer (PTFE) covered: 316 stainless steel, titanium, Hastelloy C® and graphite tipped Hastelloy probe materials.Control enclosure: gasketed UL Type 1, IP21 (indoor) polypropylene box with stainless steel hardware.Probe enclosure: vapor resistant polypropylene head with 10-foot (3m) flexible lead and ...
Release Time: 2016 - 07 - 21
Double Round Metal Immersion Coils Heat ExchangersDurable, low-profile designDesigned for the high demands of corrosive chemical heating or cooling for larger tanks and greater efficiency. Durable, low profile design. Every inch of coil surface is active exchange area. Check solution guide or consult with your chemical supplier for proper sheath material. Heavy wall, 20-gauge metal tubing available in steel, 316 stainless steel and titanium.DOUBLE C STYLE GRID COILS DCGExchange Area Squre Ft12-1/2” WIDTH Tubes Depth(In./mm)     Length(In./mm)    Model number6.582612.5/31814/35526DCG-148.82612.5/31818/45726DCG-18122612.5/31824/60926DCG-2415.62612.5/31830/76226DCG-30192612.5/31836/91426DCG-3625.82612.5/31848/1,21926DCG-48292612.5/31854/1,37126DCG-...
Release Time: 2016 - 07 - 13
Single SPIRAL L-SHAPED Teflon PTFE HEATERS:Low Profile Bottom HeaterWATTSVOLTSHot zonemm/inRisermm/inMax coldzoneModel No.Ship WT.Lbs./Kg500120240155(6)305(12)41(1040)HXLP.5106HXLP.5206   6  (2.5)1000120240205(8)305(12)41(1040)HXLP1108HXLP1208   7  (3.5)2000120240480430(17)460(18)40(1015)HXLP2112HXLP2212HXLP2412   8   (4)3000240480430(17)460(18)40(1015)HXLP3217HXLP3417   13   (6)4000240480510(20)460(18)40(1015)HXLP4220HXLP4420   15   (7)5000240480610(24)460(18)36(915)HXLP5224HXLP5424   18   (8)6000240480735(29)460(18)30(760)HXLP6229HXLP6429   21   (10)8000240480940(37)460(18)40(1015)2HXLP82372...
Release Time: 2016 - 03 - 29
Ruthenium Iridium Titanium AnodesOxidized Ruthenium Titanium Anodes RuO2 / TiBecause of a very flexible production facility, we are able to manufacture anodes of all types: sheet, plate, mesh, wire, rod, tubular or combinations and/or assemblies of these materials. Their size and number vary from several cm2 to 2 m2 and from 1 to 10,000 pieces. The process in which the anodes are used determines size, shape and coating specification of an anode.Important parameters determining the anode design are:◆ The electrochemical cell or installation wherein the anodes are used◆ The process conditions, such as electrolyte composition, temperature, current density, design life, etc.◆ Mechanical load of the anode◆ Capacity of electrical conductivity of the base material.All anodes are produced accordin...
Release Time: 2016 - 02 - 28
Pulse Reverse power suppliesPulse Reverse power supplies, Bench top modelsCooling: Air cooledOutput power: max. 6360 WattsEffective - and DC-current: max. 318 APulse current: max. 720 AEffective voltage: max. 500 VOutput power:  max. 6360 WattsEffective - and DC-current:  max. 318 AReverse-current: max. 720 AEffective voltage: max. 500 VTypical applications:PCB lines Pulse plating Reel-to-reel plating Characteristic valuesSwitch mode technologySingle or Dual output availableLinearity inaccuracy Ripple less than Complex waveformsConstant current regulation (voltage regulation on request)SPI interface for control unit pe8005Fast rise and fall times (rectangular waveforms)Permanent short circuit and open circuit proofMicroprocessor controlled regulationMains supp...
Release Time: 2002 - 05 - 28
18' 6KW 48 watts per sq. inch Flange Heater18 inch, 6kw, 48 watt per square inch flange heater. Suitable for heating process water and mild solutions.Titanium/316SS/Incoloy sheath element (other sheath material available)Titanium/316SS/Incoloy thermowell150lb. flange (300lb. available)1 or 3 phase208-600 voltN1, N4 and N7 Terminal housing optionsFor heavily corrosive applications, please call. Other sheath material, such as titanium, inconnel, monel and etc., are available.Optional Flange Heater Configurations:T1, T2 and T3 ThermostatsProcess Thermocouples: J, K or 100 ohm RTDHi-Limit over temp thermocouple clamped to element sheath: J or K
Products Chemical pumps & Filtration systems
Horizontal Filter Pumps Horizontal Filter Pumps 5000 - 18000 L/HDiscs, cartridges, bagTypical applications• Plating and process industryFeatures• Service friendly, ideal cleaning access height• Magnetic drive or mechanical seal pump• Filter chamber with welded bottom (no seal)• Discs (thin/thick paper, cloth), cartridges or   pleated bag• All PP or PVDF construction• Max. temperature PP 80˚C / PVDF 100˚C• Bottom-out or top-out model• Choice of slurry tank for carbon treatment, mixing   and priming• Unions for rigid piping (PP, PVDF or CPVC sockets)• Standard with 3 phase motor, thermal overload switch,   lead without plug, pressure gauge, air release and   drain valveOptions• Hose connection• Dry run protection• By ...
Horizontal Pumps 7500 - 30000 L/HHorizontal Pumps7500 - 30000 L/HTypical applications• Ideal for abrasive solutions or those that contain   ferrous particles• Suitable for most plating solutions• Not suitable for electroless nickelFeatures• Mechanical seal material depends on application• Traditionally cost effective to purchase and maintain• Standard with GF union connetions with a choice of   sockets, available in PP, PVDF and CPVC• Max. temp. PP 80˚C / 176˚F• Motor with two component Polyurethane coating for   excellent chemical resistanceOptions• Hose adapters• Flanges• Priming chamber• Dry run protection
Horizontal Pumps 10000 - 30000 L/HHorizontal Pumps10000 - 30000 L/HTypical applicationsIdeal for clean or slightly contaminated acids and alkalinesSuitable for most plating solutionsNot suitable for electroless nickel and abrasive solutions or solutions which contain ferrous particlesFeaturesMagnetic driveSealless, therefore leakfree Provide extra safety factor for agressive and expensive liquidsStandard with GF union connetions with a choice of sockets, available in PP, PVDF and CPVCtemp. PP 80˚C / 176˚F , PVDF 100˚C / 212˚FMotor with two component Polyurethane coating for excellent chemical resistanceOptionsHose adaptersFlangesPriming chamberDry run protection
Polypropylene Cartridge Filter Chambers 2018SpecificationsSeriesP Series MaterialPolypropylene Max. Temperature180 ºFRecommended Filtration Rate8,640 gphQuantity of Filter Tubes in Chamber18 Size of Filter Tubes in ChamberMSC15P20P Max. Pressure at 72ºF140 psiInlet Connection2' Flange Outlet Connection2' Flange Weight290.0 lbsManufacturerPrecise Heater1 Maximum pressure is lower at higher temperatures, consult factory.2 Add Approximately 15% for shipping.
Horizontal Pumps 10000 - 40000 L/HHorizontal Pumps10000 - 40000 L/HTypical applications• Hazardous and toxic solutions• Acids, alkalines and other corrosive liquids• Plating, pre- and post-treatment solutionsFeatures• Magnetic coupled, sealless providing maximum safety• High power Neodymium rare-earth magnets • Increased efficiency by incorporated vortex chamber• Robust structure providing reliable and secure   performance• Highly durable PP allowing temperatures up to 80˚C• Standard with GF union connetions with a choice of   sockets• Modular design for easy and low cost maintenance• Quality fasteners out of passivated Stainless Steel• European made motor with acid resistant 70 µm 2C PU   coating Options• Hose adapters or flanges• Priming chamb...
Polypropylene Cartridge Filter Chambers 2038SpecificationsSeriesP Series MaterialPolypropylene Max. Temperature180 ºFRecommended Filtration Rate12,960 gphQuantity of Filter Tubes in Chamber18 Size of Filter Tubes in ChamberMSC15P30P Max. Pressure at 72ºF140 psiInlet Connection2' Flange Outlet Connection3' Flange Weight2110.0 lbsManufacturerPrecise Heater1 Maximum pressure is lower at higher temperatures, consult factory.2 Add Approximately 15% for shipping.
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