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Release Time: 1996 - 05 - 09
Anode Baskets For ElectroplatingOur anode baskets are built to the highest standards in the industry, and are backed by a five-year warranty on workmanship. As one of the largest stocking manufacturers of raw material, PH is pleased to provide customers with fast turnaround. If stock is not immediately available, We will design, build and ship custom anode baskets in two weeks – wherever you need them.Considerations For Basket Sizing:Baskets should be 2' to 4' shorter than the longest piece of work.Baskets should be 1' above the solution level.Hook length is measured from the top of anode bar to 1' above the solution level.Quantities for rectangular baskets should be three (3) 2 ½' x 6' baskets for every two feet above the barSizing And Styles:Rectangular Baske...
Release Time: 2021 - 05 - 17
Single phase Control PanelAll plastic design for a perfect usein surface treatment plants andchemicals storage areas DescriptionPreciseHeater 2M07-3 Control Panel, Single phaseCompact, simple to use, ready to plugDigital displayIP55A simple solution for regulation: this PID digital display control box (with input PT100 3 wires) controls up to 7 kW 230V single-phase, 50/60 HzPreciseHeater 2M07-3On-off switch with indicator light on the front.Five cable-glands for: box supply, immersion heater, PT100 probe, level security and thermal security.Compact and ready to plug the galvabox range is simple to use.Digital display of set point temperature as well as temperature measured for an efficient control.The control box includes a plug-in terminal which centralizes plugs-in for supply, heati...
Release Time: 2021 - 04 - 20
DC Rectifiers 2000A/DC power suppliesOutput power: max. 24000 Watt DC current: max. 2000A (at 12V) DC voltage: max. 1000V (at 24A) Typical applications: Laboratory plating lines Precious metal plating: Reel-to-reel platingPCB lines:Manual plating lines DC power supply with switch mode technology, designed foruse in electroplating and/or for installation in a cabinet. Characteristic valuesLinearity inaccuracy:- for amperage - for voltage Ripple less than Efficiency typical 85 %Powerfactor cos φ 0,95Constant current and voltage controlSoft start function Over temperature protectionPulse operation optionalMains supply: standard 3 x 400 V +/- 10 % / 50-60 Hz without N(other voltages on request) CoolingOptimized cooling air guidi...
Release Time: 2021 - 04 - 19
Straight & Formed Industrial Tubular HeatersApplicationsFORMING MACHINESHEATING MOLDS & PLATENSIMMERSION INTO LIQUIDSRADIANT & CONVECTION HEATINGEMBEDDED OR CAST INTO METALStraight and Formed Tubular HeatersTubular heaters can be adapted to most applications where electrical heating is required. Straight and formed tubular heaters are custom-made to fit your application and are not available from stock. Please contact us to discuss your application.FeaturesBuilt-in resistance to shock, vibration, corrosion, and temperature extremes Heaters are swaged for rapid heat transfer Can be used straight or bent into various shapes to fit an application Can be used in free air, clamped to a surface or in a groove, or cast into metal Can be used in application temperat...
Release Time: 2021 - 04 - 14
Horizontal Filter Pumps Horizontal Filter Pumps18000 - 36000 L/HCartridgesTypical applications• Plating and process industryFeatures• Service friendly, ideal cleaning access height• Magnetic drive or mechanical seal pump• Filter chamber with welded bottom (no seal)• DOE cartridges• All PP construction, max. temperature PP 80˚C• Unions for rigid piping (PP, PVDF or CPVC sockets)• Standard with 3 phase motor, thermal overload switch,   lead without plug, pressure gauge, air release and   drain valveOptions• Hose connection, dry run protection, contact manometer• By pass with flowmeter• Single open end cartridges
Release Time: 2021 - 04 - 07
Plating Barrel Parts & Contact SystemsWhen spare parts are essential to keep your electro-plating production going, we know that you need a quick turnaround for products that are the right quality at the right price.We carry large stocks of barrel spares and dangler suitable for a variety of applications.Plating Barrel Spares & Parts In StockBearingsBearing housingLinersGearsContacts up to 3000ampCathode contact blocks (including the unique touch and wipe)InsulationUHMW PE1000 grade fastenersDanglers (see more information about barrel dangler )And if we don’t stock it, we can make it.Plating Barrel Parts  Contact Transfer SystemsBarrel Motor / Drives  Plating Barrel SparesWe can supply spares for any type of plating barrel, including non-standard ...
Release Time: 2021 - 04 - 01
Air cooled DC Plating IGBT rectifiersPOWER STATIONDC rectifiers, Cabinet modelsCooling: Air cooledDC-rectifiers. Floor mounted cabinet with switch mode technology, air-cooledCurrent6 000 APower100 000 WVoltage1 000 VOutput power: max. 80kWDC current: max. 5000A (at 15V)DC voltage: max. 1000V (at 80A) Typical applications:Chrome plating Anodizing/Aluminium colouring Barrel plating Rack plating Air cooled DC power supply in switch mode technology,designed for use in electroplating in compact design. Variable output rangethe output range can be individually multipliedCharacteristic valuesLinearity inaccuracy:- for amperage - for voltage Ripple less than Efficiency typical 85 %Powerfactor cos φ 0,95Constant current and voltage controlSoft start functionOver ...
Release Time: 2021 - 02 - 27
Chemical pumps & Filtration Systems A: FeaturesAs The Pure Nickel or Pure Copper or Pure Gold Production Plating Line, their chemical liquid has much crystal particles, if use the normal filter with magnetic pump, will make the pump burned while pumping the liquid. So Our SV Chemical Nickel Filter series can resolve this problem. It can stand with High Temp. Around 90 degree C, the pump can work without water, and will no problem while pumping any crystal particles.  1.  The high precision and high quality filtering result, lead to the best plating quality. 2.  The filter can resolve the crystal particles problem, to avoid any damage on pump. And it can work with above 90 degree C Temp. 3.  Very easy replacement of filter cartridges. Easy install...
Release Time: 2017 - 09 - 03
Highest Temperature Heating Available!PTFE Inline Chemical Heater - Electric Inline HeaterBest-in-class chemical heaterThe Inline Chemical Heater offers unmatched performance and reliability with the ability to heat a variety of chemicals. This heater is suitable for either single pass or recirculating applications. Delivers best-in-class performance over a wide range of flow and temperature requirements. The TIH is the most durable and long-lasting inline chemical heater available! Multiple plumbing layouts facilitate easy installation into a variety of tool configurations. Fluoropolymer (PTFE) surfaces protect from permeation. Heats up to 210°C (410°F)ApplicationsSemiconductor Wet ProcessesSterilization/CleaningSolar/Photovoltaic Wafer CleaningPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONUnmatched ...
Products Immersion Coils Heat Exchangers
Custom Grid Coils & Heat exchangers Wide variety of materials available for use in heating or cooling applications for alkaline solutions, acid solutions and rinse tanks. Custom designed to your specifications. Heavy wall, 18-20 gauge tubing available in 316 stainless steel, and titanium. Single point connections reduce the potential for leaks and simplify installation.100 PSI working pressure (steam or water).
1Mpa PTFE Immersion Coil Heat Exchanger For Heating And CoolingTeflon(Fluorpolymer) Heating and cooling coilsExchange areaSq.FtConnectionsInchLengthIn./mmWidthIn./mmThicknessIn./mmModel No.5.53/4 FNPT11.5(292)11.5(292)2(51)XC-12-12113/4 FNPT15.5(394)15.5(394)2(51)XC-16-1616.53/4 FNPT17.5(445)17.5(445)2.36(60)XC-18-18223/4 FNPT19.7(500)15.7(400)2.36(60)XC-20-1627.53/4 FNPT19.7(500)19.7(500)2.36(60)XC-20-20333/4 FNPT23.5(597)23.5(597)2.36(60)XC-24-2438.53/4 FNPT27.5(700)23.5(597)2.36(60)XC-28-24443/4 FNPT27.5(700)27.5(700)2.76(70)XC-28-2849.53/4 FNPT31.5(800)31.5(800)2.76(70)XC-32-32551 FNPT33.9(860)33.9(860)2.76(70)XC-34-3460.51 FNPT35.5(900)31.5(800)2.76(70)XC-36-32661 FNPT35.5(900)33.9(860)2.76(70)XC-36-3471.51 FNPT35.5(900)35.5(900)2.76(70)XC-36-36771 FNPT39.5(1000)33.9(860)3.15(80)XC-40...
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