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Where is Precise Heater located?

We Located in No.5,third Industrial Park,Shawan Town,Panyu District,Guangzhou 511480,China

What do you have in stock?

We carry a large number of items in stock, including replacement protectors, replacement temperature sensors, as well as our most commonly sold electric heaters and temperature controllers. If you want to know the stock status of a specific item, please contact us or phone at +86 13760888064

Can I buy direct?
Yes you can buy from Precise Heater Directly.

Do you manufacture your products in house?
Most of our products are manufactured in-house at our factory. Some accessory items are not.


Why do I need to use my thermal fuse?
The heater sheath overtemperature “protector” fuse is a required safety device. It is designed to detect when the heater sheath exceeds a predetermined temperature, and trip. The protector must be wired such that when it trips all of the heaters operating in that tank are shut off.

Why do I need to derate a heater?
Our industrial electric immersion heaters are designed to heat a variety of non-flammable aqueous (mostly water) process chemistries. Metal heaters are designed and built with a standard watt density of approximately 35W/sq. in. These heaters perform well when the process chemistry has a viscosity and heat capacity close to that of water. However, certain process chemistries (i.e. concentrated sodium hydroxide, glycols, oils) have a higher viscosity and/or lower heat capacities. Therefore, they are unable to absorb the heat and move it away from the surface of the heater quickly enough. For process chemistries like this, we recommend “derated” heaters - a heater with a watt density below 20W/sq. in. PTFE-covered heaters with a standard watt density of 10W/sq. in. area are already considered to be derated.

Why is my control flashing UUU?
The “UUU” message typically denotes a bad temperature sensor. If you have a replacement temperature sensor available, try replacing the sensor on the controller. If this does not correct the error message, please contact our service department for additional support.

Can I get the riser on my L shaped aquaculture heater longer/shorter?
Yes. There is no price difference for making a heater with a middel riser, but there may be a cost adder for a longer riser.

Why can’t I use a full watt density heater in my phosphate tank?
Most phosphate baths have the tendency to “build up” onto heated surfaces, such as the surface of an electric immersion heater. This buildup acts as an insulation layer, inhibiting the heat from moving into the liquid and resulting in an overheat condition inside the heater.

What Third Party Approvals do your products carry (i.e. UL, CE)?
Almost all of our products are UL listed and CE compliant.

If I have a 304 stainless steel tank then why will a 304 stainless steel heater not work?
When energized, the surface temperature of an electric immersion heater is much higher than the bulk liquid temperature. Since the tank walls are not the source of heat, they are typically the same temperature as the bulk liquid temperature. In addition, the heater sheath is much thinner than a typical metal tank wall. When you consider that many chemicals are more aggressive or react more quickly at elevated temperature (such as on the surface of an electric immersion heater), the heater sheath may be subject to chemical attack when the tank wall is not.

How often do I have to clean my heaters and why?
Often enough to avoid buildup, although frequency varies upon application, solution, frequency of use, etc.

Why do I have to ground my heater?
The purpose of the ground connection is to minimize the chance of a shock hazard for an operator or equipment. A ground connection on an electric immersion heater is required by the National Electric Code and is also a required part of the UL Listed construction.



Can I pay an expedite fee to get my order sooner?
We are unable to offer this service. We make it a priority to ship all of our customers' orders as quickly as possible and therefore expediting the manufacture of a product is not possible. We can, however, offer the option of an expedited method of shipment (such as UPS Next Day Air) to shorten delivery transit time.

How late can you ship?
Our shipping department is open until 8:00am. We are able to accept orders for same day shipment of stocked items as late as 4:30pm.

Can I stop by and pick up my order?

Yes, you may request to pick up the order. We ask that you provide a contact name and phone number so we can call when the order is ready for pickup.

Can I get a tracking number?
Yes, please email or callus and we will be glad to provide the tracking number.

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